A Dad’s View of 15Q – ( The first two years as a parent of child with a rare chromosome disorder IDIC15 / Dupl15 )

This is the article (A Dad’s View of 15Q  Ian Hill article) I had published in the newsletter for Unique http://www.rarechromo.org and is the starting point for my blogging journey. On the back of the responses and feedback I received from friends, acquaintances and strangers alike after they read it, I was encouraged to set up this page up.

The article relates to the journey from birth to two years old that we as a family have taken with our son Matthew, from the joy in the delivery suite to the realisation and devastation months later by the science of chromosomes and an unexpected diagnosis.

I have been told it is emotive, brutal, honest, upsetting yet uplifting and inspirational, to me it was a form of therapy that allowed me to recall, recount and accept the journey so far.

If you as the reader can relate to it and gain comfort or strength from it, either as a parent of a similarly diagnosed child or in totally unrelated circumstances then please feel free to leave a reply.