IDIC15 Family Meet.


Meeting the wider IDIC15 family for the second time over the weekend was once again a brilliant day out and a fabulous opportunity to chat with families who have so much experience on this journey, it also gave the kids a fantastic facility to let loose and have fun.

No longer the “newbies” in the group, I noticed the same emotions of apprehension and also of hope when speaking with one other dad, who said he gained so much hope from our experience so far and seeing Matthew charging around with his curly blonde locks bouncing all around gave him a sense of positivity for the future and testament to how important these days are.

A day that would not have happened had it not been for Unique and their support and most definitely not but for the incredible efforts and enthusiasm of Emma who co-ordinated and arranged the day with such detail, so on behalf of my family and no doubt all others who attended a big thank you to Emma, a truly remarkable mum and a real inspiration.

We are already looking forward to the next event and catching up with people who I hope will become lifelong friends.



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