Happy Birthday to This Kid…


Happy birthday to this kid!

This kid, who will wake up this birthday turning three years old, yet will be oblivious to the pile of presents and that await him. It is likely he will leave them untouched and wrapped, unaware of their significance and the significance of the day, yet we hold hope that maybe next year he will.

This kid, who despite his love of cake will not get to blow out his three lit candles, but we will do that for him with the pride and enthusiasm a cheeky three year old deserves.

This kid, who will not care for a party but we will give him a small and quiet one anyway just to mark the day.

This kid, who despite the odds and battles has stuck two fingers up at medical diagnosis and come back fighting.

This kid, a curly blonde whirlwind who frightens us half to death with his fearless antics.

This kid, an affectionate little monster whose love is without motive and so genuine.

This kid, who although he cannot speak a word can light up a room with laughter and find a way to make his needs known.

This kid, our pride and joy, our Matthew.

Happy birthday to this kid, to Matthew our special little prince.


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