A Dad’s View of 15q ( IDIC15 / Dup15q) – The journey of a family affected by a rare chromosome disorder.

About me

I am just an everyday dad/husband who likes football, rugby and beers with the lads (although these are a little rarer these days). Dad to three kids, with our youngest diagnosed with duplication 15q / IDIC15, a rare chromosome disorder which can cause developmental delay, epilepsy, autistic spectrum behaviour, low muscle tone amongst many other symptoms. Doing my best to make sense of an unknown world and keep on smiling in the process.

Thanks for visiting my blog page, if you have stumbled looking for information on duplication 15q / IDIC15, then welcome, you are not alone and I hope that you can relate to this page and the journey we have been on so far.

If you are taking those first steps on the journey as a family affected by duplication 15q / IDIC15 or any other rare chromosome disorder then please visit the following websites at Unique – http://www.rarechromo.org and Duplication 15q alliance (just IDIC15) http://www.dup15q.org where you will find detailed and information on this rare chromosome disorder along with contacts to expert advice, other families and valuable support.

This blog has been borne from an article I had published in the Unique newsletter in August 2015 ( attached to the first post you will find on this blog), having received feedback on the article many people, some friends and others strangers who read it had encouraged me to continue with my typing as it had been beneficial to them and feel my words could be of benefit to others in the future.

Apparently a Dad’s view is rather rare and the warts and all honesty I had written with even more so, though I only saw my typing of the original article as part of my own acceptance process, and call it therapy if you like to what was a life changing event, that it has helped other Dads (or anyone) out there has been a heart warming bonus.

I expect there will be challenges in the future, some I expect I will not be able to share and moments of joy and triumph where I will be only too proud to, wherever this blog leads me I hope that as a reader you enjoy the posts and that it relates to you in some way, to reiterate, if you are a new family to the world of chromosome disorders, you are not alone.


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